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The Vans Video Vault! Keeping you up-to-date with what the Vans South Africa crew are up to.

Vans – AVE 2.0 Wear Test

Celebrating the release of Anthony Van Engelens’s latest addition to the Vans skate collection, the AVE 2.0 Knit. Honoring his commitment to progression, Vans South Africa invited members from the local skate community to put the shoes to the ultimate test at Battery Park

Filmed & Edited by Joubert van Staden

Vans South Africa Presents: Briberies

Vans South Africa is excited to release Briberies – the latest video from our South African Skateboarding team. Briberies focuses on three friends who grew up skateboarding together, who persevered through many obstacles to become some of the most talented and hardest working skateboarders in South Africa right now Street skating in South Africa is not an easy task – rough spots, crime and life in general makes it challenging to get footage, let alone 13 minutes of it.

Briberies is about motivating each other to overcome these obstacles, whatever it takes to keep the spirits high when the struggles get overwhelming. It’s been an amazing journey for the whole team to witness these dudes grow into themselves and into their respective styles, on their skateboards and in life. It took three years of relentlessly destroying every spot in Cape Town to get this video done. We proudly present to you the three sons of South African skateboarding – Ethan Cairns, Alex Williams and Devandre Galant

Featuring: Ethan Cairns Alex Williams Devandre Galant Team montage with: Thalente Biyela Tkay Modise Kyle Kheswa Joubert van Staden Trae Rice Yann Horowitz Melissa Williams Chenai Gwandure Daniel Miltiadou
Filmed & Edited by: Joubert van Staden Animations by: Justus Kotze Photography by: Grant Mclachlan David Shiffman

Vans South Africa Presents: Facetious

Facetious is a Vans South Africa skate video project that has been in the works for the last 3 years. The widely diverse team covers all corners of South Africa. From Cape Town to Johannesburg and Durban to PE, the video features everything from 17ft pools to slappy curbs.

Vans ZA II Rowan Zorilla Pro Wear Test II Cape Town

Rowan Zorilla’s new signature Vans Pro Model was put to the test at a special community event held at Salesians in central Cape Town. Custom-made slappy curbs, wallies, wallrides, music and free food! The perfect conditions for a sunny Saturday afternoon in the Mother City.

Vans ZA welcomes Daniel Miltiadou

There’s nothing more official than a welcome edit.

Vans ZA II House Of Vans Johannesburg

House of Vans Johannesburg was a wild week of skateboarding, music, art and photography. 3 days of skate jams went down in the space during the 4 days of HOV and they were jam packed! Not only was there a heavy contingent of local JHB skaters, but plenty more made their way to JHB from Cape Town and Mpumalanga. Furthermore, international Vans team riders from from the UK and Europe were also there, but more about their JHB skate tour soon! To top it all off US legend Ray Barbee was around every day, playing jams, skating and even hosting a photography workshop. But it wasn’t all just about the guys, there was a board workshop for the girls, and alongside local shredder Melissa Williams, European rippers Helena Long and Amy Ram were in the mix too! Custom-designed obstacles from Skate Society Soweto, Baseline Skate Shop and Yardsale (UK) were the elements that made up the skate space. The main skate event went down on Saturday with a ‘cash for tricks’ jam, alongside tunes by TCIYF from Soweto.

2019 Vans Park Series Africa Regional Championships

Highlights of the 2019 Vans Park Series Africa Regional Championships at The Shred Skate Park in Cape Town.

Vans ZA || Introducing Yann Horowitz

Vans ZA proudly welcomes Yann Horowitz to their team. To celebrate, the crew took a trip to KwaZulu-Natal. From Durban to Pietermaritzburg, no spots were safe from all the rippers who made the voyage.

Vans ZA || Berle Pro Wear Test

Vans ZA invited a bunch of rippers to meet up at Cape Town High School and test out the new Berle Pro during a heavy wallride session. The picnic table got worked too! Free shoes and free pizza, now that’s a good day out.

Joubert van Staden – ‘Vagabond’ Video Part

Joubert van Staden is not just a Session co-owner and our head videographer, he also rips!

Vans Park Series – Africa

Check out the recap video of the Vans Park Series Africa Continental Championships that went down at The Shred Skatepark in Cape Town this month. Congrats to Yann Horowitz and Melissa Williams for taking gold in the men’s & women’s divisions respectively. A huge thanks to the guys at Vans ZA for putting together such a dope event.

Vans ZA || TNT Advanced Prototype Wear Test

The Vans South Africa squad met up with a few rippers from Johannesburg and Pretoria to test out the new TNT Advanced Prototype shoe at Skateworld in Edenvale. Get ready for the launch ramp destruction of 2018.

Vans ZA | Skateboarding in Botswana

The Vans South Africa crew took a drive up from Johannesburg to Gaborone, to see what there is to skate across the border. With Wynand Herholdt & Joubert van Staden form CT and the power JHB squad consisting of Brendan Dyamond, Trae Rice & Tkay Modise, the crew visited Gaborone and Lobatse. Special thanks to Botswana local Mosako Chalashika, who travelled up from where he currently resides in Cape Town, to guide the crew around and shoot the tour photos.

Wez Coertzen Video Part

Wez took some time off after finishing his degree in Finance to film a part for Vans ZA and Session Mag. Full interview with Wez – Here! 

Vans ZA Chima Pro 2 Cape Town Wear Test

A bunch of the Vans ZA team riders and friends hit the streets of Cape Town to test out Chima Ferguson’s new pro model. Starting at Baseline Skate shop in the city and ending up at the Vans Shred bowl in Paarden Eiland, for a braai and a private jam. The Chima Pro 2 was put to the test across all types of terrain.

Vans Presents ’30 Years of Grind’

Vans South Africa team riders Dallas Oberholzer and Brett Shaw celebrate 30 years of skateboarding with a special collaborative video part. The two legends of South African skateboarding continue to scour the countryside for ditches, pools and bowls, just as they’ve done for the last 3 decades.

Vans Shred Bowl – Skate Open Day

Vans South Africa partnered up with The Shred to make Cape Town’s first high performance public skate bowl a reality.

Vans ZA welcomes T-Kay and Wynand

The official welcome edit for T-Kay Modise and Wynand Herholdt.

Durban July 2017

The Vans ZA squad went to Durban in July to get footage for various projects, here’s some clips they gathered in KZN.

State of Emergency Tour

Follow the Vans South Africa skate team on a trip to Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. A mystical place of good and evil. An epic 7-day skateboarding journey that is about much more than the actual act of riding, bound to make them realize how even if you have a little, you still have a lot more than some.

House of Vans – Johannesburg

In celebration of 50 Years of Vans, Vans South Africa joined forces with Baseline Skate Shop for a special skate event at the Johannesburg House Of Vans pop-up space. An obstacle was designed and created in tribute to classic downtown JHB skate spot ‘Angle Banks’. The ‘cash for tricks’ skate jam saw some of JHB’s finest rolling alongside the Vans SA crew.

Small Town Syndrome Tour

The Vans South Africa skate team hit the road in search of spots in small towns scattered across the country’s interior.


The first South African Vans skate team video, released in 2016.