Wez Coertzen for Vans ZA – Interview and Video Part

Check out Wez Coertzen’s new video part, then read his interview below. Filmed and edited by Joubert van Staden, photos also by Joubert.

How old are you?


Where do you currently live?

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Why did you leave Cape Town?

I needed to get back to my roots.

How long did you live in CT for altogether and what brought you there initially?

I spent 5 years in Cape Town. I got accepted into the University of Cape Town. That was something I really wanted to happen.

What did you study?

Economics and Finance.

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You used to skate around the UCT Campus quite a bit, did you ever meet any girls on campus that were hyped on seeing you roll?

Some of them took an interest. That was pretty cool.

What’s it like being a skateboarder at a university in SA nowadays, are skateboarders popular, or still outcasts like in times gone by?

From my experience university is a very dynamic place, well at least the University of Cape Town was. There’s an array of people that come from all walks of life. I have a lot of friends who don’t skate and I still enjoy their company. I don’t think we should place people into categories because they have different interests. There might be some other level on which you connect with someone. So from that, I think it’s fair to say that it’s up to the individual and how they choose to integrate.

Your new video part was filmed around CT predominantly, how often did you go out on missions with Joubert?

I’m not too sure, maybe a couple of times a week. Joubert put a lot of effort into filming this part and I’m really thankful for all the trouble he went through to make it possible. I’m not the easiest person to film with at times, but we managed to make it work.

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Got any funny stories from being on missions around town, like what about when you got a ticket once for skating that DIY bank in Observatory?

As bland as it sounds, I paid for that fine.

You got the Session cover on that super awkward bank spot on Voortrekker Road, did you think it would end up being a cover when you did it?

I hoped that it would be good enough. I put a lot of effort into that.

How often did Dlamini Dlamini crash at your spot in CT, got any stories about that?

He stayed there quite a bit. We’ve been friends for a long time.

You love skating tranny, but the Vans Shred Bowl was built just as your time in CT was ending, are you sad it wasn’t around when you lived in CT?

Not really, it’s cool that they managed to put the money together and make that possible which I’m sure has done a great deal of good for skateboarding in Cape Town.

You are part of the Cloudy Bros crew from Durban, how often do you see guys in the crew back in Durban now?

Not much, I’ve kind of been keeping to myself of late.

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Has the skate scene in Durban changed at all during the period you’ve been living in CT

I think so. It must have. Time progresses and things change.

What are your plans now, are you staying in Durban or are you looking to move somewhere else?

I’m not too sure, I’m just trying to take it easy for a bit.

Are you looking to get a full-on 8-5 now and start climbing the corporate ladder or are you just taking it one day at a time?

Like I said, I don’t have an immediate plan.

Joubert wants to know why you only ever want to wear slip-ons?

Maybe I’ve been trying too hard.

Are you still obsessed with Curren Caples?


How long have you been getting hooked up by Vans?

It’s been 3 years now.

Got any last words to end this off?


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