Everyone always says kids need a place to go to do something positive in our local community, instead of giving into the negative influences of society. We believe this is your opportunity to help build something for the youth and community along the Durban South Coast.

The local skaters in Warner Beach are working towards the development of a family friendly skate park, where parents and their kids can enjoy the day hanging out at the park.

With the original location of the park being in a ‘not so friendly’ area, the call was made to move the ramps to an abandoned tennis court near Warner Beach. A location which, at the time, provided a better surface area to skate on.

With donations from friends and family the skaters can only do so much themselves. They would like to re-floor the grounds which they skate on and build several ramps for both beginners and experienced riders to enjoy.

If you would like to know more about the project, or donate towards the development of the Warner Beach Skate Park, please see details below.

They would really appreciate any donations, small or big.

Donate – HERE!


Phone :
083 488 9137 (Dan Dedekind)
063 688 2295 (Riccardo Annandale)