Vans ZA II Berle Pro Wear Test

Vans ZA invited a bunch of rippers to meet up at Cape Town High School and test out the new Berle Pro during a heavy wallride session. The picnic table got worked too! Free shoes and free pizza, now that’s a good day out.

Photos by Jansen van Staden:

Vans ZA hooking it up!

Lacing up the Berle Pro in red…


and black/white.

Chappies Galant going frontside over the channel.

Yann Horowitz dog-pisser!

Anton Roux charging up high and coming back in to fakie.

Dave de Witt grabs one off the wall and takes it to flat.

Wynand Herholdt grabs one for himself too!

Leon Bester going the distance with a frontside ride over the picnic table.

Yann backs him up, backside.

Joubert van Staden pulls one to flat out of a frontside wallride.

Leon Bester grab grinds the top edge of the table.

Yann boosts off the table and takes it to the wall.

Leon with a kicker assisted snap over the whole table.

Dennis Collins picture perfect back smith, no kicker required.