Vans ZA – 30 Years of Grind

Vans South Africa team riders Dallas Oberholzer and Brett Shaw celebrate 30 years of skateboarding with a special collaborative video part. The two legends of South African skateboarding continue to scour the countryside for ditches, pools and bowls, just as they’ve done for the last 3 decades.

Most skateboarders today are not even 30 years old, whereas these two have been pushing skateboarding in the country for that long. Today they are still regularly planning missions and clocking miles alongside the young guns on the Vans South Africa skate team.

Brett 1 - Jansen van Staden
Brett Shaw frontside grinds in Durban – Photo by Jansen van Staden

Dallas 2 - Jansen van Staden
Dallas frontside grinds in the Northern Cape – Photo by Jansen van Staden

Brett is a filmmaker and is constantly travelling both South Africa and the world. He’s a veteran South African skate filmer too, making both local skate documentary features and even skate TV shows over the years.

Brett 2 - Jansen van Staden
Portrait by Jansen van Staden

Dallas is involved in a host of skate projects, from building parks to running the Indigo skate initiative, which he founded. Indigo operates between the Valley of 1000 Hills based skate camp in rural KZN and parks in the Cape flats area on the fringes of Cape Town.

Dallas 3 - Jansen van Staden
Portrait by Jansen van Staden

This video part is a tribute to these icons of South African skateboarding. They are individuals who have dedicated themselves to skateboarding and in so doing have inspired and paved the way for future generations to follow in their footsteps.

Dallas 4 - Joubert van Staden
Dallas nosemanuals a rough extension – Photo by Joubert van Staden

Brett 3 - Joubert van Staden
Brett Shaw throws a boneless – Photo by Joubert van Staden

Dallas 1 - Jansen van Staden
Dallas boosts up and hucks himself back in off the rocks – Photo by Jansen van Staden