Thrasher Tour – South Africa

Believe it or not, the Thrasher Magazine tour squad starts arriving in South Africa today! Following the South Africa article in their mag last month, Jake Phelps assembled a heavy crew and they are back. Grant Taylor, Raven Tershy, Ronnie Sandoval, Jake Phelps himself and more. Local photographer Sam Clark is their tour guide so they’ve certainly got a good inside man on the spot hunt.

Instagram pics confirm some of the crew checking-in to flights bound for our shores:

Grant Taylor

Jake Phelps

Raven Tershy

Follow these guys to see what they get up to when they touch down:

@downsouthinhell – Grant Taylor
@ronniesandoval_nfc – Ronnie Sandoval
@raventershy – Raven Tershy

Quick reminder of how these guys shred: