The LB Project – Jimbo Phillips

The LB Project is an american art project through skateboarding.
It has been created to bring photographers and artists together to support Harold Hunter Foundation (

Each photographer sent us a photo that we have printed on a set of 5 skateboards and the artist had white card to paint on it.

10 artists : Jimbo Phillips, Jacob Ovgren, Meka, Kyle Platts, Sam Taylor, Ricardo Cavolo,
Jamie Browne, Mike Murdock, Lucas Beaufort and Mr Penfold.

10 photographers : Aaron Smith, Ben Colen, Brian Gaberman, Dave Swift, David Broach, Jake Darwen, Jon Coulthard, Marcel Veldman, Sam Muller and Ryan Allan.

5 art shows : Kansas City (Escapist / September 25th), NYC (Shut / November 7th), San Francisco (FTC / January 30), Tampa (The Boardr / March 4th), L.A (The Berrics / June 2016).

For the first episode we are pleased to introduce Jimbo Phillips, in his house in Santa Cruz.