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Skullcandy has been backing skateboarding in South Africa for several years now. Under the direction of Dustin Botha the brand has grown into a legitimate local skate brand. If you’ve paged through a copy of Session Mag Issue 55 you would have seen Koston getting his mind blown by the new Skullcandy Crusher. Well, meet the local SA team who roll the streets of South Africa to the sounds of Skullcandy every day.

Interviews by Dylan Vaughan

Maanda Mulaudzi – The Big Poppa

Do Skullcandys help with skating switch?
The headphones help me skate in general – good tunes equals good skating and vibes.

How often do you have to take one earphone out to hear someone talk?
Every single time I have to talk to someone, I couldn’t count…a lot!

How long have you been skating for Skullcandy?
Roughly about 4 years, so a while now.

Who would win a game of SKATE in your team?
Mostly Gavin Adams, he has tricks for days

Pick one South African you would want on your team?
Tons of people like Dlamini Dlamini , Luke Jackson, The Bakersman – Sechaba, yeah tons of people hey.

Have you ever considered moving to Cape Town to join your teammate Moses?
Well I must be honest I am not the biggest fan of Cape Town. I am currently studying in Joburg so moving will only happen if I were to study down there.

What is cool about skating in Johannesburg?
I think it’s the rush and vibe of Joburg CBD and the skate culture in Joburg is by far the best in my opinion. The floors at spots are shit but they develop good skateboarders and I love that about JHB.

Do you skate switch better than your natural stance?
I don’t know, you tell me?

Which skateboarder in South Africa do you respect the most?
Well I respect every skater in South Africa to be honest, it’s such a small community that you have to work and respect every skater in order for it to grow so I honestly respect every single skater in South Africa.

Tell us a story about Dustin?
The one time Sam and I were performing for JR (a SA hip hop rapper) and were performing on stage doing skate tricks. It was the last song we were doing and then Dustin all of a sudden jumped on stage from the backstage and started to perform with us. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life, he was centre stage in front of the artist and killing it like no tomorrow. JR was a bit bummed as Dustin took all the shine from him. Dustin is a legend for that!

What are your 5 favourite tricks?
Switch tre flip, switch flip, powerslide, nollie heel flip and nollie front heel.

Check out Maanda’s DC Shoes video part:

Brandon Valjalo – The New Kid on the Block

Compare Skullcandy to other earphones?
Well for me personally Skullcandy have everything from the sickest look to the best sound. Skullcandy is no doubt the most trustworthy headphone company in SA.

Who would win a game of SKATE in your team?
Moses Adams.

How long have you been riding for Skullcandy?
For about 4 months now.

Which pair would you recommend and why?
The Skullcandy Fix because they are loud, they fit in my ears perfectly and they never fall out!

Pick one South African you would want on your team?
I’m fortunate enough to already be on a skate team with my favourite South African skateboarders but it would be sick to be on a team with Jean Marc Johannes.

What is cool about skating in Johannesburg?
All the dudes that skate here like Anthony, Wandile, Maanda and Dean.

How did you get on Skullcandy?
I’m not really sure, ask Dustin that question. Haha

Does being sponsored by Skullcandy mean you have to wear earphones every time you skate?
No you don’t have to wear them everytime you skate but I prefer to because their earphones are amazing!!

Tell us a story about Dustin?
Well before I got on Skullcandy I went to the Skullcandy offices to do this project for school and I had to ask Dustin a whole bunch of questions. I was super nervous at first but I found out that he is the raddest dude I know!

What are your 5 favourite songs to listen to while skateboarding?
Rich by lil Wayne
Love Me by lil Wayne
No worries by lil Wayne
So good by B.O.B
Pretty much any eminem song

Sam Khumalo – The Life of the Party

Wandile Msomi – The Soul Man

Are you going to sell Skullcandy in your new Skate Shop in JHB?
Yeah man, that’s a no-brainer. Hyped in a way to have them in the shop too because they really have created a following with the brand in South Africa.

What are your 5 favourite songs to listen to while skateboarding?
Make It Quake by Deep Thinkers
Glitches by The Roots
Mambotjie by Tkzee
Rush by Rubberoom
Mhahala by Hugh Masekela
…mostly tracks with the title “happiness

How long have you been riding for Skullcandy?
For 3 years, yeah man that’s a lot of headphones….

What are your favourite Skullcandy headphones?
“The Cassettes” Man…. They are amazing, and they fit so well when you are riding…

Who would win a game of SKATE in your team?
Been watching Brendan that homie is good, but the CEO Gavin Adams.

Pick one South African you would want on the team?
Toothless, because he’s a G.

Does listening to music help you skate better?
Yeah man… Need it man… That’s why I ride for Skullcandy 🙂

What is cool about skating in Johannesburg?
It’s Raw.

Tell us a story about Dustin?
Nobody in the headphone industry works harder.

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Gavin ‘Moses’ Adams – The Destroyer

Moses is always on a roll, he recently won the Redbull ‘Unlocked’ event at the Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban and the KDC Grand Slam event at Canal Walk in Cape Town. Check out this clip of Moses shredding the newly built Valhalla park in Cape Town:

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