Scumerset with Visser – 1

Words and photos by Andre Visser

So I have been trying to go out with 2 Scumerset (Somerset West) kids a few times over the holiday, Max and Connor. Going around the OG spots, they are just getting into skating rails and hitting bigger stairs. At the moment I only have a few pics of Connor.

Only a spot for a day. This was on a weekday. An old man drove into the pole the night before, this was near to the I2B park, so we rolled down and hit it quick. The next day it was fixed. Connor jammed it quick.

Seeing that Satan’s gap is gone, there are only really crusty gaps in Gants, Strand still left. Connor kickflips.

I don’t think anyone has landed anything on this ledge in Stellenbosch before. Wian tried frontside tail once but didn’t get it because of the short landing before the wall. Connor took two slams and then landed this 50-50 pretty dope, just turning backside into the wall.