Red Bull – Curb Kings

Red Bull Curb Kings went down in the Greenpoint Stadium parking lot in Cape Town on Saturday December 5. 40 Skaters took part but in the end Justus Kotze rolled away victorious.

Check out all the photos shot by Sam Clark during the event:

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4411_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4417_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4443_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4445_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4464_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4473_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4484_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4507_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4509_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4515_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4516_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4517_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4522_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4526_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4534_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4546_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4549_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4554_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4556_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4559_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4581_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4585_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4592_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4600_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4640_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4644_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4649_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4678_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4684_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4690_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4699_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4712_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4734_Photo Sam Clark

CURBKINGS2020_IMG_4743_Photo Sam Clark