Mosako Missions – 1

Mosako Chalashika is one of the newest local skate photographers on the scene, but he’s also one of the most motivated. If you read his interview in issue 77 regarding the skate scene in his hometown of Gaborone, Botswana then you’ll know he’s one to watch. Since then he’s contributed some banging photos to the mag, and he’s documenting new faces in the scene, in Cape Town.

‘Mosako Missions’ are regular updates from the streets where we see what Mosako is shooting. Here is Mosako Missions 1:

Allan Adams FS nose grind Allan Adams FS nosegrind at UCT

Bradley Henry 50 50 till the end Bradley Henry 50-50s right to the end

bradley henry nose grind Bradley Henry backside nosegrinds in Woodstock

Cameron Julies 5-0 Cameron Julies 5-0s at UCT

Ethan Cairns 50 50 pop out Ethan Cairns 50-50 pop out

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