Lasse Staahlnacke – Mosako Missions 3

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Switch flip

Hi Lasse, where are you from exactly?

Aarhus, Denmark.

How did you end up in South Africa?

I wanted to skate everyday for a period of time and at the same time explore a culture of interest first-hand… Cape Town had it all!

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It’s safe to say that Cape Town is just a little warmer than Denmark!

How long where you in SA and did you travel around much, in the country?

I stayed in Cape Town for three months. From there I did a trip to Durban and one to Namibia.

Who did you link with and skate with the most during your stay?

Naidoo, Dlamini, Khumo, Khulo, MosAko, Frenchy (Aurelién), Derrick… Did a few sessions with Joubert and Ryder and that whole squad too!

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Switch backside 5-0

What was your favourite place that you visited in SA?

Krom River and Beta Beach.

Would you recommend SA as a skate destination to people back home, if so, why?

Yes! Because of the downhills and the people. And I would tell them to go seek spots further out of Cape Town than I did. Save money to rent a car and go get some.

Tell us about shooting with Mosako, how many times did you go out rolling together to get these pics?

We went on quite a few missions together, whether for shooting, partying or just skating. Mosako is my father! He’s a good dude man and he’s down to put in work. At the moment I see nothing but Mosako’s photos on the instagrams of young rippers from Cape Town. It’s dope to see!

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Ollie over the rail

Are you connected to the skate scene back home, and follow the industry, or do you just skate for fun and do your own thing?

I’m not your typical ‘core’ skater. But yeah I am connected to the scene back home… without necessarily following the industry though. At the end of the day I always skate for myself.

Who are your favourite South African skateboarders?

Ryan Naidoo, Chappies Galant and Ethan Cairns. And Pieter Streets… Is that even his real name? haha. I dunno but he rips and he seems dope.

Can you give us any video part links to parts from your favourite Danish skaters?

Hjalte Halberg Quartersnacks Remix

Hjalte Halberg remix from ‘Vores KBH’

Jonas Daater – Thrasher part ‘The Mink’

Do you have any video parts online?

I have a young one in a video called “2Bananer og 1Snickers” that my homies made a few years back. My section starts at 39:25.

Are you planning on coming back to SA at any point?

At some point, hell yeah! I feel like I only got to experience a few percent of what the country has to offer.

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Switch frontside tailslide

Any last words to end this off?

Shout outs to you Luke and much love to all of the SA FAM! HOUUUUUW you’ve enriched my life. I just put together some phone footy from my time in Cape Town. Enjoy!

Photos by Mosako Chalashika  – @thelowsso and @mosakophoto / Interview by Luke Jackson