Kanya Spani x Dope Industries


Dope Industries has been running out of Cape Town for over ten years now. Headed up by Jamie O’Brien the local clothing company has been hooking up skaters for almost just as long. Recently, they brought out their first-ever signature rage for Kanya Spani and it looks just about as stylish as Kanya does when he’s rolling.

Kanya Questions:

Sup Kanya, so you’ve got a signature Dope Ind range now, does that make you a Pro?
Nah, I don’t think as myself as a pro in the least. Pro shit talker, does that count?

Depends, has anyone asked you to sign their tit before?
I’ve seen some side boob, if that counts.

Do you think having your own signature range means you’ll get to sign more titties?
Don’t know if my girl would be glad about that. hahaha but it’s part of the perks I rate.

How long have you been riding for Dope?
Damn, um… I would say 5 years I think.

Do you get some cash out of the sales?
Most definitely! Haha

So if I wear the cap and tshirt will I be able to do backsmiths?
Buy one and you tell me.

What are your plans this year? What’s this trip we’ve heard about?
Still in the pipeline but we heading places son!

Jamie Questions:

Jamie, what was the motivation for the range?
I’ve always wanted to include the riders in the processes and let them give their input. Being a smaller local company it’s easier for us to do small runs of product. Believe it or not there isn’t mega bucks flying around in the DOPE HQ and this is another way for the riders to generate income from the brand. I also see one of the biggest ways I am able to help my riders is to promote them so others want to hook them up. Hopefully the big companies are able to hook them up proper because of the marketing work I do for them. This is the first run – a test to see how the public respond to it, if it goes well there will be more..

Who designed the logo?
Seamus Casserley long time Dope designer has been there since the beginning, his work is amazing and without him the brand would never be where it is today.

Who chose the colour scheme? How did that process work?
I was collect some new caps from The Kartal Distribution, when they had a new shipment that had just arrived, when I saw the black snap back with brown plether peak it just came to me to do it and match it to a new logo pocket t. I told Seamus and he knocked the rest together, the hardest part was getting Kanya to work on his signature poor guy was getting ripped off by the boys at Baseline