Introducing DOWN STRAIGHT UP! A new skate video series from Monster Energy

Introducing DOWN STRAIGHT UP! Vol.1

A new skate video series from Monster Energy


Down Straight Up! Introducing the brand-new skate video series from Monster Energy. The first of four videos to be released throughout the year is now playing on Thrasher Magazine.
Coming through with an absolute head banger for Volume 1, dive into 13-minutes of hard charging carnage featuring a heavy line up of some of the most savage guys on the team.

Jhancarlos Gonzales, Giovanni Vianna, Kevin Bækkel and Felipe Nunes leave absolutely nothing behind in this hair-raising production.


In between a stacked schedule of touring and demos, the entire team have been putting a hurting on the streets and stacking clips across the cobbled streets of Europe

and glassy marbled ledges in mainland China so far. Hitting unimaginable setups that even the most seasoned veterans would be happy to walk away from.