Indigo Skate Gala 2019 – Photo Gallery

Here’s a few Sam Clark snaps of the Indigo Skate Gala 2019 that went down at the old Cape Town High School Olympic Pool on Saturday night. Thanks to Vans ZA, Red Bull and Baseline Skate Shop for hooking up the prize money and ‘Best Trick’ jam vouchers. The new DIY additions in the pool will continue as the site becomes a new skate facility in central Cape Town called City Bowl Park, opening soon!

1st – Yann Horowitz
2nd – Leon Bester
3rd – Ethan Cairns

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1034_Photo Sam Clark
Dave de Witt – Frontside Rock

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1039_Photo Sam Clark
Leon Bester – Backside grind

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1041_Photo Sam Clark
Chappies – Wallride grab out

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1055_Photo Sam Clark
Joubert van Staden – Boardslide fakie

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1065_Photo Sam Clark
Melissa Williams in the mix.

IndigoGala2019_IMG_0994_Photo Sam Clark
Juan Smit – Backlip

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1089_Photo Sam Clark
Tyler Kammies – Blunt fakie

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1007_Photo Sam Clark
Juan Smit – Frontside Blunt

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1108_Photo Sam Clark
Leon Bester – 50 stall pull-in

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1124_Photo Sam Clark
Yann Horowitz – Crail stall

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1128_Photo Sam Clark
Alex Wiliams – Back disaster

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1146_Photo Sam Clark
Dallas Oberholzer – Alley-oop frontside boardslide 270

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1185_Photo Sam Clark
Ethan Cairns – Feeble

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1199_Photo Sam Clark
Dallas Oberholzer – Frontide Grind

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1224_Photo Sam Clark
The crowd braving the howling winds.

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1236_Photo Sam Clark
Going back in to fakie, in the deep end, is insane! But so is Yann.

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1243_Photo Sam Clark
Leon Bester – Frontside smith

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1267_Photo Sam Clark
Old dogs watching the young bucks.

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1282_Photo Sam Clark
DJ Steak

IndigoGala2019_IMG_1309_Photo Sam Clark
That’s a wrap!