Thalente’s new video part:

Thalente Biyela was a well known skateboarder in the South African skate community despite being homeless. But setting foot on US soil was a sharp reality check as he experienced first hand the level of talent he would be skating with. Through the process of documenting his experience, we’ve witnessed him cast aside the doubting voice in his head and a much more deeply ingrained sense of non-belonging. Now currently in the process of post production on the feature length documentary, we’re able to share some of the highlights of the skate footage that Thalente has collected along the way. Don’t expect some big pay off in this film; we’ll leave that for the fiction writers who base their film on the true stories… but do expect to see how a young man finds strength through his own individuality, approach to life and passion.

The film is due for completion in July, following which we will announce release dates.

Skateboarder: Thalente Biyela
Director: Natalie Johns
Producer: Colin Kennedy
Editor / Camera: Brett Shaw
Camera: Lawrence McCallam.
Song: Gil Scott Heron “Your Soul and Mine”