Go Skateboarding Day 2024 – Cape Town

Go Skateboarding Day 2024 // Cape town


This year for Go Skateboarding Day we put the world out of a get together at Civic Centre in Cape Town. MoreCore took the wheel and rallied the troops for a rad day in the winter sun with the Baseline benches and PPC’s rail to skate. We were blessed with friendly securtity that let us skate. We even had a premiere at BL followed by a road gap barge to tot it off.

Filmed & Edited by Joubert Van Staden.

Additional Filming by Grant McLachlan.

Photo Recap

by Grant McLachlan


Picking up the Baseline benches

Thanks to Josh letting us use his bakkie

PPC came through with their rail

Uncle Salik

Arriving at the venue

Marci – Suski Grind

JM – Front Blunt

Keerin – Half Flip Casper

Matt – Crooked

Amin – Boneless


Amin – Boneless

Saeed – 360 Flip

Matt – Front lip

Saeed – Nollie flip

Siya – Nollie Backside Heelfip for the win

Chicken Dinner

Monster came through with some drinks

Happy Days!

Back to Baseline for Beers & Premieres


Shout out to everyone involved with ‘Pick Me Up In Randburg’

Back in the streets

Chris & Chenai

Lowkey – Switch Heelflip

Glockee – 360 flip

Zion – Nollie Inward Heelflip

Chenai – Impossible upstream

Wesley ‘Tooth’ Schroeder – Nollie Tre


Happy Go Skateboarding Day!