Etnies to launch in South Africa

Eldon van Aswegen 2

In a skate-world dominated by corporate footwear companies, Sole Technology Inc have stood fast in their ethos of being skater-owned. Established in 1986, they were the first skateboarder owned and operated footwear and apparel company, and led by Pierre-Andre Senizergues are committed to creating innovative products for skateboarders.

They may have branched out into the bmx, surfing, snowboarding and moto x disciplines but they are at the end of the day, putting back into each of these communities through their expansive teams as well as their dedicated events.

Through Intende Action Wear (Pty) Ltd, and under the marketing guidance of Jamie O’Brien, etnies are launching officially in South Africa in July 2013. A few of SA’s legit skateboarders are already testing out some sample models and it’s only a matter of time before the official team is announced.

Currently, there are limited etnies styles available in Boogaloos stores nationwide and any retailers interested in stocking the brand should contact Chris Hyland ( Jamie can be contacted regarding marketing on

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