DEW TOUR – STOP 3 (CPUT Belville)

The third stop on the South African Dew Tour Bootcamp went down yesterday at CPUT (Belville) in Cape Town. Stop 4 is coming up at Stellenbosch University on Thursday, come and roll with the crew if you’re in the area.

Grant Mclachlan went along to CPUT to shoot some photos for Session:

adam huge transfer from the quater to the small luanch
Adam Woolf charging

martin nose grind
Martin Stoffberg – Frontside Nosegrind

20sk8 homies chilling
The 20SK8 crew have been repping hard at all the CT stops

adam wolf nollie bs flip tail stall revert
Adam – Nollie flip backtail revert

Martin 360 flip
Martin – 360 flip to fakie

Jethro Harris fs boneless
Jethro Harris – Boneless

Martin nollie big spin tail stall revert
Martin – Nollie bigspin to tail

allan showing them how its done
Allan Adams teaching the students some basics

Martin tail slide
Martin – Frontside Tailslide

skate 3
Students playing SKATE 3

tooth winning the high ollie again
Wesley ‘Tooth’ Schroeder wins another high ollie contest

martin tuck knee
Martin – Tuck Knee

See you at the next Dew Tour stop on Thursday – Stellenbosch University

For more info check out the Mountain Dew SA Facebook page: