Dew Tour – Stop 1 (CPUT)

The South African Dew Tour Bootcamp kicked off yesterday at CPUT in Cape Town. Martin Stoffberg from Durban and Adam Woolf from Johannesburg joined the local 20Sk8 homies from Cape Town to skate Mountain Dew’s skate park for the day. Cape Town’s Alan Marola unfortunately had a rolled ankle so he was unable to do too much skateboarding at this first stop. Stop 2 is coming up at UCT on Thursday, come and roll with the crew if you’re around town.

Grant Mclachlan went along to CPUT to shoot some photos for Session:

01 martin
Martin Stoffberg – Frontside Grind

06 do that dew
Wesley ‘Tooth’ Schroeder representing 20Sk8

02 allan adams nollie big heel
Allan Adams – Nollie Bigspin Heelflip

04 tooth 360 flip
Tooth – 360 Flip

05 amped
CPUT was down!

Adam Woolf – High Ollie Contest

Martin Stoffberg – Stalefish

jesse adams varial flip
Jesse Adams – Varial Flip

03 tooth winning the high ollie
Tooth – Winning the High Ollie Contest

adam teaching the kids
Adam Woolf teaching students the basics

See you at the next Dew Tour stop.

For more info check out the Mountain Dew SA Facebook page: