adidas x BL – Battle of the Benches 2015

The annual ‘Battle Of The Benches’ event takes place every year in downtown Cape Town. A collaboration between adidas South Africa and Baseline Skate Shop.

This year the battle was held at Salesians. Participants were given chips to place bets on tricks. You do a trick and you earn, you miss a trick and you lose!

Check out the video recap

Filmed by Clinton Theron and Leon Bester

Photos by Albert Retief

adidas BOTB 2015 Baseline Shop Cashing In Maasen Chips

adidas BOTB 2015 Baseline Shop Cashing In

adidas BOTB 2015 bench shoes tight shot

adidas BOTB 2015 Chips on the ground

adidas BOTB 2015 Craig Big Ollie

adidas BOTB 2015 Crowd Emotions BlkWht

adidas BOTB 2015 Crowd Get together

adidas BOTB 2015 Hustle Chips

adidas BOTB 2015 Justin AD High Five

adidas BOTB 2015 Justin In line

adidas BOTB 2015 Kids Check Chips BlkWht

adidas BOTB 2015 Leslie Land Crowd Scream

adidas BOTB 2015 Loucas Winner

adidas BOTB 2015 Ryan Big Ollie Side BlkWht

adidas BOTB 2015 sorting chips on bench2

adidas BOTB 2015 Taking the box down Loop2

adidas BOTB 2015 Taking the box3 glasses

adidas BOTB 2015 Talking Chips

adidas BOTB 2015 Trick 7 BlkWht

Photos by Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7718_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7721_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7723_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7724_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7729_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7733_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7737_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7738_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7739_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7749_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7752_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7755_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7765_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7771_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7775_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7778_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7784_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7791_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7795_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7799_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7802_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7805_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7808_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7810_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7812_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7817_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7818_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7821_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7823_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7830_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7842_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7843_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7855_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7864_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7867_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7869_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7878_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7905_Photo Sam Clark

BOB2015_DSCF7914_Photo Sam Clark